We believe that HOPE matters.

That's why William and Michelle Kiprop acted to put hands and feet to the vision of providing holistic care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those living in their Kenyan community, in Jesus' Name.

Hope Matters International desires to promote community development through sustainable health, agricultural and education programs among communities in Kenya.

Our Mission Statement

To minister the love of Christ in a tangible way by physically and spiritually reaching out to serve impoverished African families and individuals through community advancement, healthcare, and development programs.

Our Goals

At Hope Matters International, we are motivated...

[1] to implement programs with a commitment to holistic care that addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those we serve.
[2] to operate under a sustainability model with a long-term commitment to the people and communities we serve.
[3] to provide comprehensive medical care with a preventative-health focus.
[4] to place a strong emphasis on education so that people will be empowered to make knowledgeable decisions about their own healthcare.
[5] to promote empowerment of orphans and vulnerable children.
[6] to mobilize medical and educational programs to reach disadvantaged peoples with limited access to healthcare.
[7] to partner with local health-care workers by training and working alongside them to improve quality of care in their communities.
[8] to create and operate within an atmosphere where patients will feel loved, accepted and empowered.

Medical Centre

Hope Matters has an outpatient medical centre where patients can come for healing and wellness of body, mind and spirit. We currently operate the Village of Hope Medical Centre for patients to come in on a walk-in basis to have their basic illnesses and injuries treated. Our facility provides diagnostic, laboratory, treatment, short-stay admissions, and pharmaceutical services.

We strive to go beyond basic treatment. That's why we will also provide Preventative Care. We strive to promote a strong preventative program that addresses screening and early intervention for conditions like Malaria, HIV/AIDS, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cervical Cancer, and Chronic Lung Problems. As part of this program we run a monthly Diabetes Support Group meeting.

We also desire care for Mental and Spiritual Health. In order to truly be a comprehensive center, the mind must also be considered and cared for. So we plan to make psychological services available and to also have a chaplain on-site to provide spiritual counsel in the near future.

Our Maternal Child Health program exists for women to obtain services such as general gynecological, ultrasound, prenatal care, cervical cancer screening, and family planning. This department also hosts a well-child development program. Our future Maternity Ward will allow mothers to come to deliver their babies in a safe and clean environment.

Village of Hope is currently undergoing expansions in the second half of 2016. By 2017 we hope to also be providing dental, radiology, and emergency delivery services at our facility.

Community Outreach Program

We believe in bringing treatment, prevention, and education directly to the patient. That's why we have a mobile medical team that takes programs out into the communities where people live.

Our Education Outreach Program empowers individuals and communities by bringing classes such as First Aid, Women's Health, High Blood Pressure, and Diabetes directly to schools, community centers and churches.

The Mobile Medical Unit brings direct care programs into rural communities with limited access to quality medical care. We also work to promote health through nutrition and sustainable agriculture through providing Agricultural Education as well.

Our Orphan Care program assists local Children's Homes by providing well-child care for their children and health education for the house-parents. We also help care for Vulnerable Children by assisting them to get access to quality education and care through sponsorship.

If you are interested in supporting the vision of Hope Matters by donating your time, talents, or funds, please visit our Giving Page or Contact Us.