God is the Ultimate Storyteller.

It is humbling to see God at work. At Hope Matters, we get the privilege of watching God's plan unfold around us every day. The miracle of Christ's hope and love is life changing. We'd like to share with you just a few stories of how God is using this ministry to spread hope.

Karin's Heart

When we first met Karin, she was a shy 8-year-old who was falling behind in school. Her mom brought her to a community health outreach and shared with us that she had been told that Karin would die without open-heart surgery.

Karin had a hole in her heart that made life very difficult. We were able to get her referred to the largest mission hospital in East Africa. Through generous donations from friends like you, she was able to get the life-saving surgery in October of 2012.

The surgeon said that it is highly unlikely Karin would have made it to adulthood without the surgery. She is now thriving and has been able to bring her average school grade from a D to a B! The day of her surgery, her mother exclaimed with tears in her eyes, "Karin will now live to make me a grandmother!"

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Jiggers: Modern-Day Affliction

Can you imagine having small bugs burrow into your skin, set-up a home there and lay eggs?

Thousands of children are living with this painful reality of jigger infections. It strikes most frequently in areas that are plagued by poverty and poor access to good hygiene.

In 2012, William and Michelle Kiprop became aware of this modern-day plague that is affecting children in their nearby communities. Moved to act, they began to host jigger outreaches. These outreaches are targeted at treating active infections, removing the parasite bugs, training community health workers in treatment and prevention, and educating families about how to prevent the infections.

Michelle has lovingly been referred to as "Mama Dudu" (the mom who removes the bugs).

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First Aid & CPR Trainings

Would you pour battery acid on a wound? How about using sugar to stop an arterial bleed?

These are commonly believed to be good first-aid choices in many Kenyan homes. Our Hope Matters Community Outreach team offers a two-day training in First Aid and CPR. The program is culturally sensitive and addresses issues like tropical snake-bites and poor access to hospitals.

Participants are trained to handle emergencies using materials that are easily and readily available to them. In 2013, we have already issued certificates to well over 100 program graduates!

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