Serve With Us.

Whether you are a student looking for a summer internship, or a licensed professional ready to enter full-time medical mission work, we have an opportunity for you! We offer several student internships each year for those who are training to enter various fields of medical service. We also have short-term team opportunities. Our full-time team in Kenya are actively looking for licensed physicians to join us for one to three-year commitments.

Short-Term Volunteer Opportunities

Each year we accept one or two students for a summer internship. Typical internships last 10-30 days and are scheduled on a case-by-case basis. Churches, or groups of friends can apply to bring a team of 5-8 members to serve in our community as well. Most teams plan for anywhere between seven and fourteen days for their time of service. It’s important to consider that it typically takes at least 24-hours to travel from North America to Kenya. Please see our Short-Term Volunteer packets below for more information. In 2021 we are also offering two teams in July and October. You can learn more about these opportunities here:

To apply for one of our scheduled teams or an internship please fill out the application below. We also welcome families and individuals who make special arrangements to come visit and serve with us. For more information about these opportunities, please contact

Remote Consultant Opportunities

We are currently looking for a radiologist who would be willing to read and send reports on digital x-rays for our hospital in Africa. We anticipate initially needing about 5-10 x-rays read per week. Click here for additional information about this opportunity.

Long-Term Missionary Opportunities

As the ministry and hospital in Kenya continue to grow and develop, so do our needs. We are currently looking for licensed professionals with a heart for the Lord who are willing to make longer-term commitments to missionary service. For more information regarding our history, statement of faith, vision, goals, and expectation of missionaries, please see the documents below. We currently have opportunities from 1-year through long-term. Some of our immediate needs are below. Click on each description for more information: