Letter From Our Founders

Hope Matters was founded in 2013 to minister the love of Christ in a tangible way by physically and spiritually reaching out to serve impoverished African families and individuals through community advancement, healthcare, and development programs. It has always been our desire to physically reach out to help those who are suffering. It is our heart’s desire that we see others through the eyes of Christ, and that he would be seen in us. We long to be used by him to make a difference in this world.

We believe that regardless of one's circumstances, there is always hope. Even on the darkest night, God's light burns vividly as a candle of hope in the deepest darkness. It is our ambition to allow that hope to shine brightly through the ministry of Hope Matters. Because we believe that Hope. Really. Does. Matter.

Our Next Steps

Complete construction of the new 35-bed hospital that will provide both inpatient services and outpatient services with maternity, dental, optometry, radiology and pharmacy all available in-house

Raise funds to fully furnish and equip the hospital for operation

Raise funds and purchase an ambulance for the hospital

Triple the current number of staff serving with Hope Matters

Furnish an operating room

Our Goal

To successfully raise the funds needed to fully furnish and equip the hospital site by April 30, 2019

To dedicate and open the new Village of Hope Hospital to the glory of God in September 2019


In the summer of 2017 it became painfully clear that we had outgrown our outpatient medical center when we had six patients admitted with intravenous drips, in a small room with just two observation beds. The expanded medical facilities will meet a huge need, and provide room and possibility for Hope Matters to more adequately provide holistic care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those living in their Kenyan community, in Jesus' Name.


We will have the capacity to accommodate 31 inpatients at a time and will be able to provide a safe place for women to bring their babies into the world. Instead of spending energy rushing patients to a hospital over an hour away, or developing creative solutions for overnight or long-term care, we will be able to focus all our attention on providing effective and lifesaving care.


Our expanded facilities will allow us to open our doors wider to the local community. Greater capacity to treat and serve more people means greater opportunities to minister and share the Gospel of Christ.

The Hospital Site

A Space To Heal


We want this to be a welcoming place where people know that they are a priority. This will be a place where families and individuals can be quickly and efficiently directed to appropriate departments.

Radiology & Lab

Having full lab, X-ray, and ultrasound services in-house allows clinicians to make quick and more accurate diagnoses.


When medications available on site, it saves patients time and energy when filling prescriptions. We source our medications through a Mission supplier in Nairobi where quality is tightly controlled.

Dental Care

Currently the closest dental services are over an hour away. The need for safe dental care is huge. Without an available dentist, many people choose to have painful teeth pulled out instead of repaired.

Children’s Ward

We want to create a space where children can feel safe and cared for as they heal.

Maternity Ward

Maternal child mortality in Kenya is very high, with many women delivering at home in unsafe conditions. We want to change that.

Operation Rooms

It is our vision to have on-site surgical services available. Currently patients must travel over an hour away if they need an operation, even in life-threatening emergencies. When Michelle needed surgery two years ago, the Kiprop’s went to a mission hospital more than five-hours from their home. We want to do better.

Prayer Garden

Instead of putting a small chapel room inside the hospital, we are choosing to create a prayer garden. We envision a gazebo surrounded by flowers and trees; a space where patients can get outside of the hospital to a place of peace.

Our Ask


About your personal commitment to support, and that our current community will respond


Make a one-time gift or become a regular supporter


Contact us for ways to share the vision of Hope Matters with those in your community

Budget Need Breakdown

Phase One

Description Cost
Laboratory Equipment USD $10,000
Hospital Furnishings USD $50,000
Office/Admin Furnishings USD $  2,000

Phase Two

Description Cost
Laboratory Equipment USD $20,000
Dental Equipment USD $10,000
Radiology Department USD $55,000
Office/Admin Furnishings USD $  3,000

Future Anticipated Estimated Expenses

Description Cost
Backup Genereator and Uninterrupted Power Supply USD $15,000
New Land Cruiser Ambulance USD $75,000
Internet Fiber Optic Connection USD $14,000
Staff Housing USD $65,000
Surgical Equipment and A/C for Outpatient Procedures and Operating Room USD $75,000

Fundraising Progress

Hospital Construction

Raised: $300,000  |  GOAL MET!

Hospital Furnishing - Phase One

Raised: $47,000  |  Goal: $62,000

Hospital Furnishing - Phase Two

Raised: $0  |  Goal: $88,000

Hospital Furnishing - Phase Three

Raised: $0  |  Goal: $244,000

Financial Accountability

Hope Matters has faithfully stewarded the gifts of donors for the last five years and has served thousands of people God has brought for healing and transformation. We work hard to do the most good possible with the resources God has entrusted us with. People, not buildings, are our primary focus.

We maintain a separate fund specifically dedicated to the hospital construction project.


  • We have never ended a year in the red
  • We have never borrowed money
  • We have never missed a payroll

Hospital Construction Photos

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