Volunteer Opportunities: Kenya 2017


Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have an adventurous spirit and a desire to serve in Africa? Here are some opportunities to come volunteer and serve alongside our team in Kenya in 2017. For more information and an application please contact Michelle michelle@hopemattersintl.org and Nikole nikole@hopemattersintl.org

Serving on a Team

All teams should ideally be made up of 4 – 8 members. The duration of the team will depend on the specifics of the project/outreach. A typical timeline is 5 – 10 days of service, with an additional two to three days of travel, and at least one full day for debriefing before returning home. Many teams choose to do an animal safari before leaving Kenya. Team members need to fund-raise or pay for their personal expenses and are also asked to help contribute to covering the cost of their ministry project. Donations can be processed either by the team’s home church or the Hope Matters Int’l (HMI) USA Office. HMI is a registered non-profit, so all donations are tax-deductible within the USA. HMI provides a training packet for all teams and asks that they go through a preparation process together before coming to serve. We generally recommend a minimum of at least three months to adequately prepare and fund-raise.

img_8343Discipleship/Medical Team

Description: This team would consist of both medical professionals and Christian leaders who are passionate about mentoring other believers in their walk with the Lord. We would like to give our national, medical, staff an opportunity to take time away for a spiritual-development retreat. Ideally the retreat would be a two-day event and would be run twice, allowing half of the national staff to participate at one time, and keeping half the staff in the clinic working alongside the visiting team. Staff would then rotate for the second session of the retreat.

Requirements: This will require medical professionals who can help cover the clinic operations, as well as a discipleship team to lead the retreat for the staff.

Time of Year: Flexible


Description: This team would assist with finishing work on the new medical centre. This may include, but not be limited to: tiling, painting, plumbing, electric installation, carpentry/finishing work (door and window frames, ceiling work, etc.)

Requirements: Primarily professional Construction Workers

Time of Year: May through July, or mid-Sept through October

img_5053Children’s/Youth Camp

Description: This team will be focused on working with children and youth, primarily ages 8 – 16. The team would organize a children’s conference/VBS that would run from 10AM – 5PM for roughly four days. Activities will include group lessons, small break-out sessions, crafts, music, and game-time.

Requirements: Open hearts, flexibility, and a heart for kids. Some experience working with children is desirable.

Time of Year: Either April or early Late July/August (when children are on break from school)

img_4320Medical Continuing Education

Description: Medical professionals who can train and equip Kenyan providers with up-to-date information related to any of the following topics: Maternal Child Care, Primary Care, Emergency Stabilization, or Chronic Disease Management. Training should be approximately 2-days in length and will most likely be run twice to allow for a maximum number of participants.

Requirements: Licensed medical professionals, some teaching/speaking experience preferred, but not required.

Time of Year: Flexible

Community/Agricultural Development

Description: Coordinating and running a conference specifically focused on economic empowerment for small-scale farmers. Topics would include farming business development, budgeting, and making your farm productive. The conference would also include a spiritual track about living out one’s faith as a farmer.

Requirements: Team members with economic, business, or development experience, as well as spiritual discipleship leaders.

Time of Year: Flexible

Serving as an Individual or Pair

Licensed Medical Professionals

We are looking for licensed medical professionals who could be scheduled and counted in our staffing to provide service at the medical centre for 1 – 4 weeks at a time. Often this would entail covering a national staff-member’s leave time. Volunteer(s) would be partnered with a national staff member who would assist with translation and local protocols.

Student Internships

We have a limited number of student internships available each year. The internship is designed so that the volunteer will typically spend part of their time working on a special project for the ministry, and part of their time shadowing/working with our staff in the medical centre. Students are often asked to help give educational presentations in local schools and support group settings.