September 2015 Prayer Points

IMG_5085The summer has flown by. Here in Kenya we were blessed with many volunteers who gave of their time, resources, and their very selves to serve alongside us. Give thanks with us for each one of them and for the lives that were touched by their work. As we look to the coming weeks, here are some ways you can be praying with us:

  • The Village of Hope Medical Centre has been continuing to grow and gain momentum. Give thanks with us as we’ve seen more than 1,500 patients since opening in May. Pray for our staff to be filled with strength, energy, wisdom, and compassion as they encounter each new patient.
  • We began the registration process for the facility back in May of this year. We are still waiting for the final approval for our license. There are subsidized resources (medications, supplies, etc.) that we won’t be able to access until the license is processed. Pray that God will move people to cut through the red tape and move our application along so that we can be fully licensed soon.
  • We have a forty-foot shipping container full of medical equipment and supplies that will soon begin making it’s way to Kenya from Los Angeles. Please pray with us for all paperwork to be processed smoothly in both Los Angeles and Mombasa. We have heard stories of other non-profits having to pay thousands of dollars in unexpected fees once their containers arrive in port. Please pray that God will have his hand on this container. That it might travel safely, arrive smoothly, and be released from the port without any incidents.
  • Our Hope Advocate, Kim Sparks, is continuing on her run between the US/Canadian border and Alaska. Pray for her to have strength, energy, and remain injury-free. Also pray that her fundraising efforts for Hope Matters will be blessed. You can learn more about her run by clicking here. If you would like to support her run, (donations as small as $5 or $10 can make a difference when added up!) please click here.
  • Join us in praying for wisdom and direction for the leadership at Hope Matters. It is our desire that Christ would be glorified in all that we say and do. Please pray that we might be used by him to bring his love, and his HOPE to those who are hurting.