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Stories of Hope: Josephine

IMG_7448Meet Josephine, she’s 25-weeks along with her third pregnancy. More than anything she wants to be a mommy. She and her husband have already lost their first two babies. One tragically died in her womb, and she had to deliver a full-term, dead, baby. The other baby was born extremely premature because Josephine was very sick with malaria. That baby didn’t survive either. When she came to me, it was a heart full of hope that I could give her good news. She had been told that things didn’t look good for the current pregnancy.

Unfortunately from a medical standpoint, things do not look good. There is almost no amniotic fluid in her uterus. This is a major complication for several reasons. It’s likely that her baby doesn’t have kidneys. If that is the case, it is highly unlikely that he/she will be able to survive. Without sufficient amniotic fluid, the baby won’t be able to correctly develop his/her lungs. The lack of fluid also means that the baby can’t stretch out adequately and will likely have bone deformities and poor muscle tone. Josephine was advised that it would probably be best to terminate the pregnancy because the chances of survival are so incredibly low. But in tears she shared with me “My baby’s heart is beating and I just cannot do that.” I’ve told her that I will walk this journey with her. She knows that the chances of a good outcome are low. But she is choosing to do everything in her power to fight for this baby’s life. She’s asked me to share her story with friends who are willing to pray for her and her baby. Please join us in praying for both mama and baby. Pray for our team to have wisdom as we care for her. Pray for protection and a miracle for her and the baby. These can be difficult roads to walk. But we believe that regardless of the outcome, there is HOPE in Christ. We know that Jesus loves Josephine and her precious unborn baby. And we want to shower her with His love as she walks this difficult path.