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A Summer of Outreach

IMG_4802We just said goodbye to our volunteers from Kingsburg Community Church in CA. They helped us run a series of medical outreaches. IMG_4851

With the team’s help, we were able to see approximately 400 patients in our outreach clinics in just one week! Patients were tested for diabetes and high blood pressure as well as getting eye-exams and reading glasses.



The team also had the opportunity to do special health education in a large primary school. One of the highlights was being able to share the Jesus film in several different venues.












Another special experience was feeding over 200 children lunch in the slums of Turbo after a special program and gospel presentation.



IMG_4841One of our team members has been living with diabetes for over four-decades. She was able to encourage patients to not fear testing and treatment. It was beautiful to see the skills and personal life experiences come into play to minister to the sick and hurting here in Kenya. IMG_4846


Glasses were distributed to those who hadn’t been able to see well or read in years. We also had a number of patients with complicated medical issues whom we were able to refer back to our medical center for more comprehensive treatment.

IMG_4860We want to give thanks to each of you who pray for and financially support this ministry. You are greatly appreciated! Please keep an eye on this blog for regular prayer updates. And if you would like to financially support the work we are doing in Kenya, please click here.

July/August 2015 Prayer Points

IMG_3986bWell the summer is flying by here in Kenya. Here are some ways you can be praying for us this month and next:

  • The Village of Hope Medical Centre is exploding with growth! Word is out that medical and laboratory services are available and the patient flow has been very high. Some days it’s hard for the providers to find time to grab a bite of lunch to eat! Give thanks for the many patients who are receiving care at the medical centre. Pray with us that the Lord will open doors for additional space and staff as we are already outgrowing our current facility and are in need of more hands to help treat the high volume of patients.
  • We were extremely blessed by our Nursing Team from Kingsburg Community Church. They taught two courses of Helping Babies Breathe in which we saw 37 providers receive certification in this critical skill. Give thanks for all they accomplished and pray that the providers will not forget what they have learned, and that lives can be saved as a result of their training.
  • Our next team is en-route to Kenya I type this. This team from Kingsburg Community Church will be involved in several major optometry/diabetes/hypertension outreaches. They have a very busy schedule during their time in Kenya and will be serving with us from the 21st through 28th of July. Pray that they will be strong and effective in their ministry.
  • In August we will have an intern from Canada serving with us for two weeks to help our staff transition into an electronic form of patient record keeping. This is a huge undertaking! Pray for her and the staff as they take on this huge task.
  • We have learned that the soonest our patient Ann might be able to have her open-heart surgery would be October. This is because of the level of complication to her case and the need for an American surgeon to perform the procedure. Her condition is deteriorating and I have some concerns whether or not she will be strong enough for surgery when fall comes. Please pray for God to be in the middle of this difficult situation.
  • We have been blessed to have a major Hope Advocate named Kim taking on a huge task to benefit our ministry. She is running from the American/Canadian border all the way to Alaska to raise funds. You can read more about her journey here: Alaska or Bust! Please pray for her safety and success on this huge endeavor! Pray that her efforts will be fruitful and that our ministry in Kenya will be blessed.
  • We are still trying to raise the funds needed to bring our shipment of medical supplies over to Kenya. As the health ministry is really taking off, it would be a huge advantage to have access to these supplies. Pray that the floodgates of heaven might be opened so that we can get this equipment shipped to us where it can be put to good use!

We value your prayers and support! Please let us know if there is any way that we can be praying for you this season! You can contact us at Thanks!