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May/June 2015 Prayer Points

  • Give thanks with us for a successful opening of the new Village of Hope Medical Centre. We have already seen over fifty patients through only word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Pray for our staff at Village of Hope to see clients through the eyes of Christ and that the patients might receive not only physical, but spiritual healing through their interactions at the medical centre.
  • Give thanks with us for a special time with our volunteers John and Bobbie Kerns. Bobbie is on our USA board of directors. They were able to come alongside the Kenyan team in day-to-day ministry as well as doing some special projects at the new medical centre. They also brought some much-needed supplies that were generously donated from friends at Life Bible Fellowship church in Upland CA.
  • Unfortunately Ann has not yet been able to receive her open-heart surgery. When she traveled to the mission hospital she was informed that they were only doing single-valve replacements and that her double-valve replacement would need to happen at a later date. Please pray that things will come together for her to get surgery sooner rather than later. Also we learned that the cost will be significantly more than initially quoted. So pray for the family as they are working to fund-raise here in Kenya to make up the difference for the needed funds.
  • Pray for safety on the roads as our staff and visitors travel the highways of Kenya. There have recently been a number of accidents in our region with high casualty and fatality numbers.
  • June 16 – 30 we will have a team from Kingsburg Community Church coming to volunteer in the medical centre and teaching a special course called “Helping Babies Breathe” to Kenyan healthcare workers. Pray for safety in their journey and effectiveness in their ministry. Pray that hearts will be touched through their ministry and that the Kenyan HMI staff would be empowered and encouraged through their visit.
  • For the last few years we have been working towards getting a shipping container full of hospital supplies sent to Kenya. Please pray with us that the final funds will be raised, doors will open, and we can get the supplies sent to Kenya. With the medical centre open and functioning, many of the supplies will immediately be put to use when they arrive.