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Hope for Ann

IMG_8683I’d like to introduce you to a very special lady named Ann. She is 24-years-old, and a mother of four. Her smile lights up a room, but it hides a dark and painful truth. Ann is in heart failure. As a child she had a bad case of strep throat that went untreated. The bacteria traveled through her bloodstream and severely damaged several of her heart’s valves causing her heart to work extra hard. All of that work has caused her heart to begin to fail.

Ann shared with me that she first noticed the problem in 2001 and that she has seen many doctors since that time. The last doctor she saw started her on medications to help manage her heart failure. He told her that if she had tons of money that she might be able to get further treatment. She went home deeply discouraged.

IMG_8680Then someone told her brother about Karin, a little girl who we helped a few years ago. You can read about Karin’s story here. So Ann’s brother Joel walked many miles to our home to ask if it was true that we knew how to help people with heart problems.

Since that first meeting I’ve been able to actually meet and speak with Ann. I’ve obtained her medical records and received a consult from an American cardiologist who will be visiting Kenya with a heart team next month. He believes that Ann can be surgically treated to repair or possibly replace the damaged valves in her heart. There is HOPE for Ann. We have made arrangements for Ann, her husband, and her brother, to make the six-hour journey to the mission hospital where the American doctor will be next month. She will be seen on Feb 9th and evaluated to determine which procedure she may be eligible for.

IMG_8674Please pray with us for Ann and her family. Pray that the doctors will have wisdom as they evaluate her and determine the best course of treatment. Pray for healing. Pray for her children who will stay with their grandmother as their mommy travels to the hospital. But most of all, pray that Ann will not just see, but feel the love of Christ through our involvement in her situation.

We look forward to keeping you updated about Ann and her heart. Thanks for praying with us. And remember that you when support Hope Matters financially, you are helping patients like Ann to get care that they otherwise would not receive.

Laptops Needed

CRW_5002Hi Friends! Here in Africa we are pretty excited about the way ministry continues to move forward. We are currently in the process of preparing to launch walk-in clinic services not far from the Hope Matters property. As we prepare for this exciting growth we have some special needs. One of those needs is for a few new laptops to use in accounting and patient records. We’ve identified a reasonably-priced model of computer that we think would work well to meet this need. If this is something you think you might be able to help out, with please contact Michelle at about working out the details. You can order direct from our wish list on Amazon and ship to our office in the USA. Donations like this are tax deductible within the United States. We have an opportunity for someone to hand-carry the computers over in early Feb so it’s an opportunity we’d like to take advantage of. Thanks so much!

January 2015 Prayer Points

IMG_8272Happy New Year! We pray that as you begin 2015, that you are filled with the love, joy, and peace that come from our gracious heavenly father. Here are some ways that you can be praying for us this month:

  • Give thanks with us for the success of our Christmas Outreaches in Turbo and Musembe. We were able to bless a youth soccer team with two new soccer balls. And of course the Christmas shoes outreach was a huge success with 150 children being blessed with a brand new pair of shoes for Christmas.
  • The train-the-trainers health course was a great success with 45 students attending. They will return in the spring for a second training.
  • Michelle will be teaching a health course for the Sustainable Agriculture and Development Students at the ELI Training Center in Kipkaren in the next few months. Please pray for the course to be beneficial to the students and for them to retain and apply what they learn.
  • We have several patients currently needing treatment from specialists. It can be challenging to get access to the specialists and obtain necessary care. Please pray against any barriers that would prevent the patients from receiving the care they need.
  • Give thanks with us for those who partnered financially with the ministry in 2014. Pray that God will raise up more donors to help meet new needs as we continue to grow and expand the work in 2015.
  • We are hoping to launch a walk-in clinic here in Kenya soon. Pray for wisdom and direction as we look at potential rental sites and also expanding our staff to meet the needs that opening the clinic will bring.
  • As always, every single day our entire team needs prayer for divine wisdom, strength, energy and renewed hope as we reach out to make a difference in the lives of East Africans.