Monthly Archives: October 2014

October Prayer Points

IMG_2319Here are some prayer points for the month of October.

  • The Forestal Primary School Jigger Outreach has been quite an undertaking. Unfortunately we had some challenges early on in the program. But thankfully they were overcome and we were able to continue. Give thanks with us for the many children who have received treatment. Pray for these children’ to see God’s love and hope in each of their lives. Pray for them to be protected from future infections. More than 85 children have received treatment for jiggers and additionally more than 50 have been treated for skin infections and wounds. We are also collecting some important data as we look at the best ways to handle these infections in the future.
  • We have been invited to hold a jigger outreach in another school in the area soon. We are told that this school has more children affected than the current school we are working at. This means that it would be a large undertaking for our staff, but the need is definitely there. Pray for wisdom, energy, and strength as we begin to plan for this outreach.
  • There are a handful of patients with chronic health conditions who Michelle has been working with for some time who can easily become discouraged. Please pray that God will intervene and bring health and healing into their lives and that Michelle can be a source of encouragement for them.
  • During this season the workload has been large. We are really feeling that the harvest is big and the laborers are few. Pray that God will raise up more people to come alongside us in our work. Pray for renewal for those who  serve day after day without adequate rest.
  • Each day we desperately need wisdom. God says that he gives wisdom to those who ask, so please join us in asking for his divine wisdom and direction in each new challenge we meet.
  • Above all, please pray that we can be a beacon of Hope to those we serve. Physical healing means nothing if the spirit is not also healed. Pray for the people we come into contact with to see the love and hope of Christ through our words and actions.
  • Pray for the Kiprop Family to grow in grace and love each new day. Pray that the Lord would reveal HIS heart and HIS plans to our Hope Matters leadership team, and that their hearts and minds would be clearly tuned to him so that they might walk in the steps he has for Hope Matters.