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If Only I had Known….


Empowerment through health education is something I’m very passionate about. I love teaching health classes here in Kenya because the students are always super excited for the opportunity to learn. Especially when the subject revolves around things that impact their day-to-day life.

But sometimes during a class, I’ll have a student come up to me and share that they desperately wish they could have been given this information earlier because they believe they could have possibly saved a life that was lost.

This week I had one of those experiences. The beautiful lady pictured above came to me during our first break with tears in her eyes and shared that her baby had died last year. She believes the baby died from choking. It was emotional for her to hold the infant mannikins and practice the life-saving steps she was being taught.

Throughout the course she continuously sought me out during breaks. She began to share more about her life and struggles. She specifically asked for prayer and advice related to some relationship difficulties. We talked. We prayed. Cried a little too. It was a powerful time. What a reminder to me that what I do encompasses so much more than just putting band-aids on, delivering babies, or teaching chest compressions. I’m here to serve. To listen. To cry. To pray. And most of all, to bring HOPE!

A Word from Michelle

IMG_8394  Compress

This journey of Hope Matters has been an exciting one. In 2013 our community outreach program has come to life. From chronic disease screening and treatment, to health promotion and trainings, we’ve been busy. Our outreaches have taken us from the highlands, to the coast, and all the way to the remote northern deserts of Kenya. It’s truly been an honor to serve the under-served in this country.

As we look forward to 2014 we see exciting things on the horizon. But the simple fact is that we cannot move forward without a strong support team. We are so blessed to have already raised enough funds to purchase a community health vehicle/ambulance. We also have raised approximately 50% of the funds needed to purchase land for our future Medical Center. We already have commitments for approximately 65% of Hope Matters monthly operating expenses.

To meet our minimal operational budget we currently need to enlarge our monthly support base by about $2,500/month. That’s just 25 families or individuals committing to give $100/month. Or perhaps 50 donors at $50/month. The point is that every little bit does add up to make a big difference. Throughout our last six years of serving in Africa, the backbone of our support has always come from families and individuals who have chosen to stand with us through financial support of our work. We have individual donors who give anywhere from $15 – $250/month. Some make annual or semi-annual contributions to help support the work. We truly consider each donor to be a member of our ministry team.

Would you prayerfully consider joining the support team for Hope Matters? If you have never given to our work in Africa before, this would be a fabulous time to start. If you are already a part of our support network, would you consider a special year-end gift to help with our capital expenses? One of the exciting things about being a young organization is that we have virtually no overhead expenses. Our minimal US office expenses are being covered by some generous donors so that 100% of your donations can go directly to the work in Africa. And all donations are tax-deductible in the United States.

We have been blessed with a very generous donor who has agreed to match every dollar designated for the purchase of land up to $5,000. Contributions must be made before the end of the year to qualify for the match. These donations will help us to purchase 5 acres of land for the new Medical Center.

There are several ways to give:

  1. Set up monthly donations using online banking through your bank.
  2. Sign up for automated credit card giving. E-mail me for more info and I can get you set-up.
  3. Make a one-time gift or set up monthly gifts online by clicking here.
  4. Mail a Check to: Hope Matters International, P.O. Box 9293, Alta Loma CA 91701

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

December 2013 Prayer

Prayer Points for December

  • Give THANKS for a wonderful visit in the USA for the Kiprop family and for their safe return to Kenya.
  • Rejoice with us as we thank the Lord for the ways he has provided. We now have enough funds to purchase a community health vehicle/ambulance. We have nearly half of the money needed to purchase land. Join us in praying for an increase in financial monthly support for the ministry of Hope Matters as there is still a need there. Ask God if He might have you become one of those partners.
  • Pray with us for WISDOM and DIRECTION as we move forward with laying a strong foundation for Hope Matters in Kenya

December is a very busy month for us with a number of outreaches planned. Here are a few specific dates and events you can be praying for:

          • December 8: Mary, a volunteer nurse arrives to join us for several weeks.
          • December 12 – 13: First Aid and Basic Health Training Course
          • December 15 – 16: Physical Exams on approximately 70 orphans living in a Children’s Home in Kitale
          • December 17 – 18: First Aid and Basic Health Training for house-parents from several orphanages
          • Date TBA: Jigger (foot) Clinic for Children