Monthly Archives: August 2013


A Foundation of Prayer

At Hope Matters we believe that prayer is foundational to everything we do. Because of that, each month we will be sharing ways that you can be praying with us. We also have a team that would love to pray for YOU too! We feel strongly that partnership is a two way street. So if there are ways you would like our staff to be praying for you, please send an email to, or click here to contact us.

Here is how you can pray in September:

  • Give THANKS with us for what God has done in bringing a team together to give life to the dream of Hope Matters. Pray with us that we will always keep God at the center of all we do and say.
  • Pray for wisdom and direction for the leadership of Hope Matters as they make foundational decisions in the ministry.
  • We are actively searching for the right property to build the medical center on. Please pray that God would open up the perfect place and that negotiations for the land would go smoothly.
  • This month we have several outreaches planned. You can be praying specifically on Sept 11 and 12 for a First Aid and CPR course that we are partnering with Empowering Lives International to teach. We expect to have around 80 participants.
  • The visions God has given us are HUGE, but that also means they will require a lot of resources. Pray with us for God to provide for every need as this organization launches.
  • We are involved in conversations with other ministries in Africa regarding ways that we can network to help empower each other to be ambassadors of the one true hope and transform lives. Pray for us as we are exploring several possible connections.
  • Pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our board and staff. We know that God is moving in Hope Matters. And we know that anytime God is on the move, Satan is also on the move in opposition. Pray for protection and strength for all of those involved in the ministry.