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December 2014 Prayer Points

IMG_2459bIt’s hard to believe that we are already in December! This month in addition to our regular ministry activities, we have a few special events related to Christmas. Here are some ways you can be praying for the ministry this month:

  •  “The Nativity” movie will be shown at several venues. Please pray that hearts will be receptive and open to learning more about Christ.
  • On Christmas Eve we will be holding a special party for children in the slums of Turbo. We are hoping to distribute a pair of shoes to each child in need. Pray for the resources to be provided for us to meet this need. Pray that the children will experience God’s love and light on this special day.
  • On December 11th we are partnering with the Training Center at Empowering Lives Int’l to provide a Basic Health Training in a train-the-trainers style, for approximately 40 individuals who will then take the education they have received and share it with others. Participants will be coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and all over Kenya. Pray that the material is understood, retained, and effective as it is shared with many beyond this training.
  • Last month we asked for prayer for a journey the Kiprops needed to make to Nairobi. Please give thanks for the success and safety of this journey. An extra blessing was that Michelle’s Kenyan nursing license was approved for a same-day renewal. Normally it takes three to four months!
  • We are praying and planning to hopefully initiate walk-in clinic services early next year. Please pray for us to have wisdom and direction as we are in the planning process for this exciting expansion in ministry.
  • As always, every single day our entire team needs prayer for divine wisdom, strength, energy and renewed hope as we reach out to make a difference in the lives of East Africans.

November 2014 Prayer Points

IMG_2408Prayer Points for the Month of November

  • It’s a month where Americans are spending a lot of time thinking about things they are thankful for (or at least hopefully that is the case!). Take a few minutes to join us in giving thanks for the ministry of Hope Matters. Praise our Father for the lives that have been touched through our work in Kenya.
  • Here in Kenya it’s warming up and students are starting their summer break. Both eighth graders and high school seniors are in the midst of exams that will determine their future. Pray for these students as they have an incredible amount of pressure on their shoulders this month.
  • Continue to ask God to fill us with His divine wisdom and direction for every decision that is made within Hope Matters.
  • Kenyan farmers are busy with the harvest season. Pray for their labor to be rewarded. Pray also for a great spiritual harvest in this land.
  • Mid-month William and Michelle will be traveling to Nairobi to take care of some business there. Please pray for a safe and productive journey.
  • We are working on plans for 2015 and looking at some exciting potentials for growth in the ministry. Please pray that God will guide our plans, and that the financial resources will be provided to move forward in developing our land and expanding health ministry.
  • We’ve posted this one before, but please continue to pray for the Kiprop Family to grow in grace and love each new day. Pray that the Lord would reveal HIS heart and HIS plans to our Hope Matters leadership team, and that their hearts and minds would be clearly tuned to him so that they might walk in the steps he has for Hope Matters.

October Prayer Points

IMG_2319Here are some prayer points for the month of October.

  • The Forestal Primary School Jigger Outreach has been quite an undertaking. Unfortunately we had some challenges early on in the program. But thankfully they were overcome and we were able to continue. Give thanks with us for the many children who have received treatment. Pray for these children’ to see God’s love and hope in each of their lives. Pray for them to be protected from future infections. More than 85 children have received treatment for jiggers and additionally more than 50 have been treated for skin infections and wounds. We are also collecting some important data as we look at the best ways to handle these infections in the future.
  • We have been invited to hold a jigger outreach in another school in the area soon. We are told that this school has more children affected than the current school we are working at. This means that it would be a large undertaking for our staff, but the need is definitely there. Pray for wisdom, energy, and strength as we begin to plan for this outreach.
  • There are a handful of patients with chronic health conditions who Michelle has been working with for some time who can easily become discouraged. Please pray that God will intervene and bring health and healing into their lives and that Michelle can be a source of encouragement for them.
  • During this season the workload has been large. We are really feeling that the harvest is big and the laborers are few. Pray that God will raise up more people to come alongside us in our work. Pray for renewal for those who  serve day after day without adequate rest.
  • Each day we desperately need wisdom. God says that he gives wisdom to those who ask, so please join us in asking for his divine wisdom and direction in each new challenge we meet.
  • Above all, please pray that we can be a beacon of Hope to those we serve. Physical healing means nothing if the spirit is not also healed. Pray for the people we come into contact with to see the love and hope of Christ through our words and actions.
  • Pray for the Kiprop Family to grow in grace and love each new day. Pray that the Lord would reveal HIS heart and HIS plans to our Hope Matters leadership team, and that their hearts and minds would be clearly tuned to him so that they might walk in the steps he has for Hope Matters.

September 2014 Prayer Points

IMG_2081Here are the latest prayer points for September. Thank you for your ongoing prayers!

  • Children in Kenya are going back to school right now. This is their final term for this school year. Pray for the many vulnerable children who have difficulty getting school fees to complete this year’s term. Prayer for Hope Matters as we prepare to partner with schools to help empower children to be healthier in rural Kenya.
  • Join us in giving thanks for a recent donation of highly specialized wound care supplies. Pray for the patients who will be treated with these supplies. Pray that they might experience both spiritual and physical healing in their lives.
  • This month we will be conducting another large-scale jigger outreach at a public school in the Turbo area. We are continuing our study looking at different treatment methods. Please pray for our team as it’s a large undertaking and will require daily presence to supervise soaking of many little feet.
  • Pray for the Kiprop family. Pray that the Lord will knit us together as a family as he leads us, and that we might keep our eyes fixed on him above all else.
  • Pray for us as we are working to build and establish relationships in the area where the Hope Matters land was purchased.
  • Pray for the Hope Matters leadership team. Pray that each member of the team will have divine wisdom and will keep his or her eyes fixed on Christ and that it will be God who ultimately leads each and every step of this ministry.

Prayer Points for May

IMG_2325Here are the latest prayer points for Hope Matters. Thanks for standing with us in prayer!

  • Give thanks with us as we rejoice in God’s provision for a piece of property for Hope Matters. The three acres have been fully purchased with no balance-due!
  • The next step is to begin developing the land. We will need to get things like electricity and a borehole for water before we can begin construction. Pray for God’s provision for development of the land.
  • This month we have a few public health outreaches planned. A basic healthcare class will be taking place on May 12 and 13th. Pray that the students will come ready to learn and that we might have a positive physical and spiritual impact through the course.
  • This month we have a volunteer with us for a week. Pray for Lexy as she serves alongside our team in Kenya.
  • Pray for the rains to be steady and strong. We have been facing a shortage of rain which is greatly impacting many of the farmers in our area. The rains seem to have started this week, but we have had a few false-starts this season. So please pray for consistent rainfall so that crops can grow and empty bellies can be fed.
  • We are praising God for bringing us through the technology challenges. Michelle is back to work on a dependable computer. Although internet continues to be a challenge we have found a place in Eldoret where a strong connection can be made when needed.
  • If you follow international news, you may have seen Kenya making headlines recently. There is an ongoing struggle with a terror group making random attacks. Although we are very secure in the village and are many, many, miles from the hot spots, we would greatly appreciate your prayers for peace in Kenya and for wisdom for the authorities as they struggle to get ahead of the terrorists.

Prayer Points for April 2014

Time is flying and I’m again late with the prayer points for the month. Sorry for those who have been waiting for them!

  • Michelle was extremely blessed by her time at the International Nursing Symposium. She came home encouraged and better equipped to do her job. The sessions she taught were well received and she’s been asked to present again at the next conference.
  • We are opening escrow on a piece of land for the future Hope Matters hospital. Pray that God will be in the middle of every step of this process. Once things are official we will have a full blog post with information about the land. For now give thanks with us for this opportunity and pray for the process to go smoothly.
  • April is a month with a lot of office-based work for Michelle. Pray for her as she puts in long hours working on the administration side of things.
  • We’ve had an unusual number of technology challenges recently. It looks like we are on the verge of overcoming them though. Give thanks with us for the faithfulness of our God in providing a way through the challenges. Pray for a speedy return of a dependable computer and steady internet connection.
  • As we celebrate Easter hearts are often more inclined to turn towards the story of Jesus. Pray for us to be effective witness of His love and grace.
  • There are several volunteers who will be partnering with us in the coming months. Pray for them as they are in the process of fund-raising and preparing for their time of service alongside our Hope Matters Kenya team.

Prayer Points for March

Here are some prayer points for March:

  • This month we are giving thanks for God’s provision of a vehicle for Hope Matters. William went to Nairobi to purchase a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado to be used for both community health work and as an ambulance to transport sick patients when needed.
  • Pray for wisdom and energy as we continue the comparison study of jigger treatments. This month we will wrap up at the first school and then prepare to begin a different treatment intervention at a different school next month. Pray that lives will be touch both spiritually and emotionally as well as physically through our work with these jigger patients.
  • Give thanks with us for the many people who are standing with Hope Matters financially. Pray that God will continue to provide for each need as it arises.
  • William is seriously searching for land to build the future hospital on. Please pray for wisdom as he narrows down a piece of property and for direction as negotiations for that property begin.
  • This Month Michelle will be attending an international nursing symposium for medical missionaries in the Middle East and Africa. She’s blessed that she doesn’t have far to travel as the conference is here in Kenya, in Nairobi. She will be teaching two sessions. Pray for her to be encouraged as she interacts with other medical missionaries, and that she might learn many new things to benefit our work here in Kenya. Pray for her to have peace and clarity also as she teaches.

Prayer Points for February

1043975_10152116292493555_1333460316_nIt’s hard to believe that we are already more than a week into February. The year is already starting to fly by. Sorry for the delay in getting these prayer points up.

  • Join us in giving thanks for the great start to this new year. We have been able to form some great partnerships in reaching out into the slums of Turbo. Lives are being changed!
  • This month we are starting a comparison intervention study of jigger treatment methods. We will be doing a jigger eradication program in two different primary schools using two different methods. Once we determine which treatment method is most successful, we will be moving forward with that method in the greater Turbo area.  Pray for wisdom, energy, and success as we move ahead with this plan.
  • This month we are also beginning a search for the right vehicle to use for community outreaches and for transporting sick patients. Pray that God would open the doors and that we might get the best possible vehicle with the funds that we have to work with.
  • We were so blessed with the generosity of many end-of-year gifts to the ministry of Hope Matters in Dec. However, we still have a need to increase our monthly support. Pray for God’s provision in this area.
  • In addition to the vehicle search, we are actively looking for the right piece of land to build the Hope Matters Hospital. Pray for wisdom and guidance as we search. Pray also for the provisions for this endeavor.

December 2013 Prayer

Prayer Points for December

  • Give THANKS for a wonderful visit in the USA for the Kiprop family and for their safe return to Kenya.
  • Rejoice with us as we thank the Lord for the ways he has provided. We now have enough funds to purchase a community health vehicle/ambulance. We have nearly half of the money needed to purchase land. Join us in praying for an increase in financial monthly support for the ministry of Hope Matters as there is still a need there. Ask God if He might have you become one of those partners.
  • Pray with us for WISDOM and DIRECTION as we move forward with laying a strong foundation for Hope Matters in Kenya

December is a very busy month for us with a number of outreaches planned. Here are a few specific dates and events you can be praying for:

          • December 8: Mary, a volunteer nurse arrives to join us for several weeks.
          • December 12 – 13: First Aid and Basic Health Training Course
          • December 15 – 16: Physical Exams on approximately 70 orphans living in a Children’s Home in Kitale
          • December 17 – 18: First Aid and Basic Health Training for house-parents from several orphanages
          • Date TBA: Jigger (foot) Clinic for Children

November 2013 Prayer

Prayer Points for Novmeber

  • Give THANKS for a safe and smooth journey for the Kiprop family on their journey from the village in Kenya all the way to southern California. Ryan did much better on the long journey than we could have hoped for.
  • THANK God for a fabulous and fun launch event on October 26th. We were so blessed by the many who turned out to stand with us as this baby organization takes its’ first steps.
  • We have been blessed by the many who have already stepped forward and expressed a desire to support the ministry of Hope Matters both prayerfully and financially. THANK the Lord for these partners.
  • One of the exciting things about this new ministry is that there is virtually no overhead expenses. The small expenses that we do have on the administrative side are being covered by a team of faithful donors. Praise God for these donors and PRAY with us that each and every need will be provided for. We have quite a ways to go in order to raise funds to cover both operational and capital expenses.
  • William, Michelle and Ryan have a very busy schedule throughout the month of November. Please join us in PRAYING for their strength and energy as they share about the ministry in different venues. Also pray that the Lord would orchestrate the right meetings and bring the people of His choosing alongside us to partner in our work.
  • Plans are in the works for a few special outreaches in December. We will be assisting some orphanages with health exams and treatments for the orphans. We also will be teaching a few courses and holding foot-clinics for children living in poverty. PRAY for the planning process and that the Lord would direct our steps.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer. Please know that we pray for our prayer and financial partners too! If you would like to contact us with a prayer request please write to