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Prayer Points: Spring 2017

DSC01658Excited. Overwhelmed. Joyful. Fearful. These are just a few of the emotions I’ve been feeling in recent months. Things have been incredibly busy in the ministry. We are seeing more patients than in the past; more complicated sicknesses and diseases. Yesterday we had to double up patients in the beds in our observation/admission area. There were just too many sick patients and not enough room for them. So here are some ways you can be praying:

  • We’ve recently added some new staff members to the Village of Hope family. The demand has been more than what our staff could keep up with. Pray for the new employees as they join us in serving the poor and sick in our community. Pray for continued provision for the growing needs.
  • Each month we continue to see more complicated cases. Pray for us to have divine wisdom in treating these patients. Pray that they will see the love of Christ in all that we say and do in our encounters with them.
  • The demand for services is exceeding our facility space. Because of this we are preparing to begin offering some services at our new office in the village of Musembe. It’s about 10 minutes from the Village of Hope Medical Centre. This office is located on the property where our future hospital will be built. Community members are anxious for us to start providing services here. Pray for wisdom, energy, and provision as we take on a second location for providing patient care.
  • Every day we see the need for the hospital to be built and opened. There is so much that we are grateful, and give thanks for. We have a great staff coming together. We have been blessed to already possess much of the equipment that will be needed. We already have three acres of land that can be developed. I often say that now we just need the building and the doctors! Pray that God will open the floodgates and provide the resources needed to begin construction on the hospital.
  • Give thanks with us for the successful installation and rolling out of our new computerized system at the Village of Hope.
  • This year we have a number of volunteers coming to serve alongside us. Ask the Lord to use them for his glory during their time serving with us.
  • We so desire your daily prayers for our governing board, Kenyan staff, and volunteers. Please ask God to fill them with his spirit and use them for his glory. Pray for daily wisdom and discernment, for strength and energy, and for protection from attacks from the enemy.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer. We are honored to be serving here in Kenya and are so grateful for your support, prayers, and encouragement.

Prayer Points: Fall 2016

pt-and-mamaIt’s been a long time since we’ve updated the blog, and even longer since we last posted prayer points. I’m sorry for the delay! The good news is that we have been busy, busy, busy, since the last post. God is on the move and we are so excited to see where He is taking Hope Matters. We will be posting more updates about what we have been up to soon.

Here are some ways you can be praying for us during this season:

  • The Village of Hope Medical Centre has been very busy. We are seeing an average of 500 patients each month which is keeping our staff on their toes. Give thanks with us for the many lives who are being touched by the ministry. As word about our work gets out, we are seeing more  complicated and highly unusual cases. Please pray as our staff needs wisdom on a daily basis on how to provide the best care, and when indicated, the most effective referral for each patient.
  • We are quickly outgrowing our current building. God has opened the doors for us to purchase a piece of property very near to where we are currently renting. We are hoping to begin construction on a permanent medical centre building soon. We have only raised a portion of the funds that will be needed to construct the full building. Please pray for more financial provision so that we can begin this expansion soon.
  • We are getting more and more requests to expand our maternal-child-health services. A few things need to come into place for us to be able to do this. Pray with us for the provision of the necessary resources to meet the huge needs we are seeing.
  • Since we first opened in May of 2015, we have been working to register our facility with the ministry of health. This has been a long and challenging process. We are being encouraged to expand our services by local health officials, even as our paperwork is being held up. It is confusing as we know that they are aware of, and approve of, our work. But we still don’t have our full registration. This limits some of the services that we can provide. Please pray with us for this registration to be processed quickly and smoothly.
  • Hope Matters owns a 3-acre piece of property in the village of Musembe. We are in the process of putting the finishing touches on our first building on that property. We currently have an agricultural cooperative of approximately 35 farmers who are meeting for training and agricultural support on a weekly basis. Pray for these farmers as they learn sustainable and practical ways to better care for their families.
  • The Kiprop Family will be in California this December. Please pray for them to have safe travels, and for many opportunities to share about the work of Hope Matters. Pray that people’s hearts will be moved to partner with the ministry.

Please know that we pray for you as well. If you ever have prayer requests to share with us, please send them to Our staff would love to pray for you!

February 2016 Prayer Points

IMG_6729Here are some ways you can be praying for the ministry of Hope Matters this month:

  • We are thrilled to share with you that this month our shipping container of hospital equipment and medical supplies was released from customs and transported to our property in Musembe. This project has been over two-years in the making and we are thrilled to start unpacking and putting the many items to work! Give thanks with us for the safe arrival of this container and everything it holds!
  • The Kiprop family was blessed with a productive trip to the USA in Dec/Jan. They arrived safely back in Kenya on February 5th and hit the ground running. Praise God for their safe return to Africa. Pray for them to get an opportunity for rest and renewal of body, mind, spirit, and marriage as they have been going non-stop for quite some time now.
  • The Village of Hope Medical Centre is expanding with the addition of another room to the medical centre. We are praising God for this amazing opportunity to expand our services. And we ask that you would pray with us for more funding as more space and greater service opportunities also come with increased expenses and a need for more staff members.
  • We desire to commit all of our plans to the LORD and to follow his leading as we move forward in 2016. Pray with us for daily wisdom and direction in everything we say and do. We are excited about the possibilities of expansion in the ministry this year and look forward to what God has in store!

November 2015 Prayer Points

IMG_5662Here are some ways you can be praying with us in November.

  • We have been undergoing a registration process with the Kenyan Ministry of Health since before we opened the Village of Hope Medical Centre back in May. It looks like this month we may have some forward motion in moving towards getting our certification. Please pray for this process to continue to move forward and officials working on our registration to be favorable towards us.
  • We are pleased to report that on November 2, 2015 our forty-foot cargo container full of medical equipment and supplies departed from Los Angeles. It is now working it’s way to us halfway around the world via cargo ship. Pray for safety in transit, and favor as we work to get documentation here in Kenya that will make clearing customs easier once the container arrives in late December.
  • In October William Kiprop sustained a life-threatening injury which ultimately resulted in the loss of his left hand. He is doing much better now and continues to get stronger each day. We are exploring options for further therapy and prosthetics at this time. Give thanks with us for the gift of William’s life and God’s divine intervention in sustaining him and the entire Kiprop family during this time. Please pray for continued healing of body, heart, and mind as this is a huge loss.
  • Please pray for our Hope Matters staff this month. Ask the Lord to strengthen and encourage them. Pray that they will be the hands and feet of Christ as they bring physical healing in our community.
  • We have recently lost two special patients whom we had been caring for, for some time. Please pray for their families to be comforted a they grieve these deaths.
  • Give thanks with us as we celebrate the breaking of ground on the Hope Matters property. Construction has been started on a small office and a platform for the container to be docked once it arrives.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer. We are blessed to have you along in this journey of ministry.

September 2015 Prayer Points

IMG_5085The summer has flown by. Here in Kenya we were blessed with many volunteers who gave of their time, resources, and their very selves to serve alongside us. Give thanks with us for each one of them and for the lives that were touched by their work. As we look to the coming weeks, here are some ways you can be praying with us:

  • The Village of Hope Medical Centre has been continuing to grow and gain momentum. Give thanks with us as we’ve seen more than 1,500 patients since opening in May. Pray for our staff to be filled with strength, energy, wisdom, and compassion as they encounter each new patient.
  • We began the registration process for the facility back in May of this year. We are still waiting for the final approval for our license. There are subsidized resources (medications, supplies, etc.) that we won’t be able to access until the license is processed. Pray that God will move people to cut through the red tape and move our application along so that we can be fully licensed soon.
  • We have a forty-foot shipping container full of medical equipment and supplies that will soon begin making it’s way to Kenya from Los Angeles. Please pray with us for all paperwork to be processed smoothly in both Los Angeles and Mombasa. We have heard stories of other non-profits having to pay thousands of dollars in unexpected fees once their containers arrive in port. Please pray that God will have his hand on this container. That it might travel safely, arrive smoothly, and be released from the port without any incidents.
  • Our Hope Advocate, Kim Sparks, is continuing on her run between the US/Canadian border and Alaska. Pray for her to have strength, energy, and remain injury-free. Also pray that her fundraising efforts for Hope Matters will be blessed. You can learn more about her run by clicking here. If you would like to support her run, (donations as small as $5 or $10 can make a difference when added up!) please click here.
  • Join us in praying for wisdom and direction for the leadership at Hope Matters. It is our desire that Christ would be glorified in all that we say and do. Please pray that we might be used by him to bring his love, and his HOPE to those who are hurting.

July/August 2015 Prayer Points

IMG_3986bWell the summer is flying by here in Kenya. Here are some ways you can be praying for us this month and next:

  • The Village of Hope Medical Centre is exploding with growth! Word is out that medical and laboratory services are available and the patient flow has been very high. Some days it’s hard for the providers to find time to grab a bite of lunch to eat! Give thanks for the many patients who are receiving care at the medical centre. Pray with us that the Lord will open doors for additional space and staff as we are already outgrowing our current facility and are in need of more hands to help treat the high volume of patients.
  • We were extremely blessed by our Nursing Team from Kingsburg Community Church. They taught two courses of Helping Babies Breathe in which we saw 37 providers receive certification in this critical skill. Give thanks for all they accomplished and pray that the providers will not forget what they have learned, and that lives can be saved as a result of their training.
  • Our next team is en-route to Kenya I type this. This team from Kingsburg Community Church will be involved in several major optometry/diabetes/hypertension outreaches. They have a very busy schedule during their time in Kenya and will be serving with us from the 21st through 28th of July. Pray that they will be strong and effective in their ministry.
  • In August we will have an intern from Canada serving with us for two weeks to help our staff transition into an electronic form of patient record keeping. This is a huge undertaking! Pray for her and the staff as they take on this huge task.
  • We have learned that the soonest our patient Ann might be able to have her open-heart surgery would be October. This is because of the level of complication to her case and the need for an American surgeon to perform the procedure. Her condition is deteriorating and I have some concerns whether or not she will be strong enough for surgery when fall comes. Please pray for God to be in the middle of this difficult situation.
  • We have been blessed to have a major Hope Advocate named Kim taking on a huge task to benefit our ministry. She is running from the American/Canadian border all the way to Alaska to raise funds. You can read more about her journey here: Alaska or Bust! Please pray for her safety and success on this huge endeavor! Pray that her efforts will be fruitful and that our ministry in Kenya will be blessed.
  • We are still trying to raise the funds needed to bring our shipment of medical supplies over to Kenya. As the health ministry is really taking off, it would be a huge advantage to have access to these supplies. Pray that the floodgates of heaven might be opened so that we can get this equipment shipped to us where it can be put to good use!

We value your prayers and support! Please let us know if there is any way that we can be praying for you this season! You can contact us at Thanks!


May/June 2015 Prayer Points

  • Give thanks with us for a successful opening of the new Village of Hope Medical Centre. We have already seen over fifty patients through only word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Pray for our staff at Village of Hope to see clients through the eyes of Christ and that the patients might receive not only physical, but spiritual healing through their interactions at the medical centre.
  • Give thanks with us for a special time with our volunteers John and Bobbie Kerns. Bobbie is on our USA board of directors. They were able to come alongside the Kenyan team in day-to-day ministry as well as doing some special projects at the new medical centre. They also brought some much-needed supplies that were generously donated from friends at Life Bible Fellowship church in Upland CA.
  • Unfortunately Ann has not yet been able to receive her open-heart surgery. When she traveled to the mission hospital she was informed that they were only doing single-valve replacements and that her double-valve replacement would need to happen at a later date. Please pray that things will come together for her to get surgery sooner rather than later. Also we learned that the cost will be significantly more than initially quoted. So pray for the family as they are working to fund-raise here in Kenya to make up the difference for the needed funds.
  • Pray for safety on the roads as our staff and visitors travel the highways of Kenya. There have recently been a number of accidents in our region with high casualty and fatality numbers.
  • June 16 – 30 we will have a team from Kingsburg Community Church coming to volunteer in the medical centre and teaching a special course called “Helping Babies Breathe” to Kenyan healthcare workers. Pray for safety in their journey and effectiveness in their ministry. Pray that hearts will be touched through their ministry and that the Kenyan HMI staff would be empowered and encouraged through their visit.
  • For the last few years we have been working towards getting a shipping container full of hospital supplies sent to Kenya. Please pray with us that the final funds will be raised, doors will open, and we can get the supplies sent to Kenya. With the medical centre open and functioning, many of the supplies will immediately be put to use when they arrive.

April 2015 Prayer Points

In Swahili pole sana (pronounced pole-ay sauna) means very sorry. So let me say pole sana for getting this post up so late! But thank you for praying. Here are ways to pray this month:

  • We have begun moving into the new Village of Hope Medical Centre! Give thanks for what has already been accomplished and continue to pray with us for what is ahead.
    • Pray for the new staff to be united as a team and to serve their patients well, seeing them through the eyes of Christ.
    • Medications and final basic supplies have been ordered. Pray that deliveries go smoothly and things can be put together in an orderly fashion.
    • Pray that we can get our inspection scheduled soon and that we will pass it and be licensed to begin providing care.
  • Our patient Ann will be traveling later this week to Tenwek Mission Hospital where she will be having her open heart surgery to replace two defective valves in her heart. Pray for her journey to go smoothly, wisdom and skilled hands for the doctors, and ultimately healing! Give thanks with us for the way God has provided the necessary funds through Hope Matters for her to get this life-saving surgery.
  • The health course Michelle was teaching has wrapped up and she has finished grading final exams. The students performed very well in both practical and written finals. Give thanks for the knowledge they have learned and pray that they can utilize it in every day life.
  • There are a number of volunteers in the USA and Canada who are preparing to come serve alongside of us in the coming months. Please pray for them as they raise funds and prepare their hearts to serve alongside of our Kenyan team.
  • As always, every single day our entire team needs prayer for divine wisdom, strength, energy and renewed hope as we reach out to make a difference in the lives of East Africans. 

    Please feel free to let us know how we can be praying for you as well! We value each of our prayer and financial supporters and would love to pray with you over your needs and praises as well!

March 2015 Prayer Points

IMG_2391Exciting things are happening in Kenya these days. Here are some ways you can be praying with and for us this month:

  • We have exciting news! We are on the cusp of launching our new outpatient medical center. There are many, many, details and intricate parts that all need to come together for this to happen. Much has been accomplished, but we still have some hurdles to jump before we can open. Here are some specific ways you can pray:
    • Give thanks for the big and small details that have already come together.
    • We will be renting office-space in a brand new building. The owner has had some setbacks in completing final touches on the building. Please pray with us that the construction will be completed quickly and safely so that we might be able to move in soon.
    • Pray for wisdom to select the right people as we hire several new employees who will work alongside Kitur and Michelle at the medical center.
    • Before we can open our doors, we need to be licensed by the public health department to do so. We have had some great meetings with the health officer, but he cannot give final approval until the facility is set-up and goes through a final inspection. Please pray that we would not be delayed by any red-tape, but that the facility would meet approval and our license would be granted this month.
  • We’ve recently shared on this blog about Ann, a young mother of four who needs open heart surgery. We are in the process of raising funds to help pay for her surgery (estimated cost is around $4,000). Please pray with us for the funds to be provided so that she can get the surgery in April. And of course pray for the surgery to be successful!
  • Michelle has been teaching a basic health course at the ELI Training Center. The students have been a joy to work with and very receptive to the lessons. Give thanks for the success of this course and pray that the students will have a long-term, and wide-spread, impact from what they have learned.
  • As always, every single day our entire team needs prayer for divine wisdom, strength, energy and renewed hope as we reach out to make a difference in the lives of East Africans.

Please feel free to let us know how we can be praying for you as well! We value each of our prayer and financial supporters and would love to pray with you over your needs and praises as well!

January 2015 Prayer Points

IMG_8272Happy New Year! We pray that as you begin 2015, that you are filled with the love, joy, and peace that come from our gracious heavenly father. Here are some ways that you can be praying for us this month:

  • Give thanks with us for the success of our Christmas Outreaches in Turbo and Musembe. We were able to bless a youth soccer team with two new soccer balls. And of course the Christmas shoes outreach was a huge success with 150 children being blessed with a brand new pair of shoes for Christmas.
  • The train-the-trainers health course was a great success with 45 students attending. They will return in the spring for a second training.
  • Michelle will be teaching a health course for the Sustainable Agriculture and Development Students at the ELI Training Center in Kipkaren in the next few months. Please pray for the course to be beneficial to the students and for them to retain and apply what they learn.
  • We have several patients currently needing treatment from specialists. It can be challenging to get access to the specialists and obtain necessary care. Please pray against any barriers that would prevent the patients from receiving the care they need.
  • Give thanks with us for those who partnered financially with the ministry in 2014. Pray that God will raise up more donors to help meet new needs as we continue to grow and expand the work in 2015.
  • We are hoping to launch a walk-in clinic here in Kenya soon. Pray for wisdom and direction as we look at potential rental sites and also expanding our staff to meet the needs that opening the clinic will bring.
  • As always, every single day our entire team needs prayer for divine wisdom, strength, energy and renewed hope as we reach out to make a difference in the lives of East Africans.